Why is teenage angst taking over radio? GAYLE has an ideaWhy is teenage angst taking over radio? GAYLE has an idea

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Heartbreak anthems are taking over the radio thanks to teen artists such as Olivia RodrigoThe Kid LAROI and GAYLE — and the “abcdefu” singer has an idea why teenage angst is making a roaring comeback.  She thinks it’s because her generation isn’t afraid to make people angry.

“Like other young artists, I’m just drawing from my own personal experience and other people are seeing that, too. I talk about what I’m passionate about, and if that [ticks] people off, then OK! Being comfortable with [ticking] people off is one thing that I think young artists have started to accept and utilize,” the 17-year-old told NME

GAYLE added, “Art is uncomfortable at times; you want to make somebody feel something, even if they hate your song. It is clearly sparking an emotion within them, which means you’re doing something correctly.”

When it comes to “abcdefu,” the viral hitmaker said, “I’m still getting comfortable with its success. It’s interesting because if a song gets overplayed on the radio, people can get sick of hearing it. People can literally become mad at you for being successful.”

GAYLE revealed she “was planning on releasing an entirely different song” as her debut single because she was “convinced that people wouldn’t like [“abcdefu”], so I played mind games with myself over it for ages. But I’m glad I stuck with it… we knew it was special.”

GAYLE also shouted out Olivia during her interview, but clarified they will not be jumping in the studio together any time soon.  “I saw this rumor on Instagram that said that I’ll be featuring on the next Olivia Rodrigo album – I love her, but that’s not a thing that’s happening,” she said. “I haven’t even hinted towards a collaboration with her, but hey, I’m down for it!”

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