The Walters ‘Try Again’: “I Love You So” group returns with tour & new music after TikTok successThe Walters ‘Try Again’: “I Love You So” group returns with tour & new music after TikTok success

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Chicago indie-pop band The Walters broke up in 2017. But last year, their 2014 song “I Love You Soblew up on TikTok, leading them to reunite and record new music. The band tells ABC Audio that they felt “there was no other option” but to get back together again.

“The first time [we] were together, and we took our break, it made a lot of people sad,” lead singer Luke Olson explains. He adds, “You think about that every day. You don’t want to have a project sitting there that you know, if you brought it back, would make a lot of people happy. So when the TikTok thing happened…there was no other option, really.”

And while The Walters always thought “I Love You So” had potential, they’re still surprised it’s become a hit.

“When you see Doja Cat, The Weeknd and then it’s like a Walters song? I’m personally shocked,” laughs Luke. “Like, I can’t believe that this is even on the radio. Like, I can, but it’s bizarre.”

The new EP includes “I Love You So” plus six new songs, but Luke says they’re just getting started. “Beyond this EP…we still have so much music,” he says, adding, “[t]his is just like the tiniest sample size.”

The Walters will take the new songs for a spin starting this Saturday, as they launch their first tour since 2017. And Luke says if you’ve only heard “I Love You So,” prepare to be surprised.

“There’s just a lot of energy and it’s a lot more rock ‘n’ roll and kind of has, like, a punk aspect about it,” Luke says of their live show.

“So if people are just coming because they’ve heard one song, that’s kind of exciting, ’cause I think we’re gonna really be able to make some lifelong fans…hopefully!” he adds.

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