The Kid LAROI returns with new single “Thousand Miles”The Kid LAROI returns with new single “Thousand Miles”

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The Kid LAROI is back!

On Friday, the Australian rapper dropped “Thousand Miles,” his first new single of 2022. In the catchy track, LAROI warns a love interest that as much as he cares for them, he’s incapable of changing his ways, rapping in the chorus, “And I will never change I couldn’t even if I wanted for you / There’s nothing left to say If I was you / If I was you then I would stay / A thousand miles away.”

LAROI also released the music video for his new single Friday, which featured various scenarios in which he battles the good and evil versions of himself, donned in white and red, respectively.

While the angelic version of LAROI attempts to get a barista’s number, eat an ice cream cone, and go home, his nemesis continuously attempts to foil those plans by dropping a piano on him, steamrolling him, and trapping him in a car that gets struck by a train.

Somehow, the good version of LAROI survives it all before the video comes to a close. However, in a surprising twist, it’s the barista who delivers the last blow, when she takes hold of the good version of LAROI, who at this point is bandaged head-to-toe and being wheeled out of the hospital, and pushes him into oncoming traffic where he is hit by an ambulance, the crimson LAROI emerging victorious.

Prior to the release of “Thousand Miles,” the 18-year-old teased a snippet of the song and shared a movie-like trailer for the music video.

Thousand Miles” is available to stream now.

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