What is Tennessee's Best Country?

What is Tennessee's Best Country?  Simply put it is New Country + ALL Your Familiar Favorites!

If you flip through the dial on local radio,  tune into Satellite Radio or even create your own playlist,  it seems you hear the same 30 songs over and over.

Country music is rich in heritage.   It's the pivot of culture in our Midwest but most of all it's Timeless.

If it's Timeless,  why have Program Directors quit playing it?

That's a great question,  but rather than spending time finding the answer,   105.1FM The Wolf has done something about it.
We've created what we feel is the most complete playlist of Country Music on the Radio.

Our playlist keeps you connected to the latest music up the road in Nashville but also keeps you connected to the music you LOVE.

Tennessee's Best Country means you'll hear artists like Jason Aldean,  Hank Williams, Jr.,  Carrie Underwood,  Old Dominion,  Garth Brooks,  Alabama,  Carly Pearce,   Chris Stapleton,  Reba McEntire and much more.

From Southern Kentucky to Northern Alabama,  listeners are finding and loving the sound of Tennessee's Best Country on 105.1FM The Wolf and it is quickly becoming the Soundtrack for Country Music Lovers in the Mid South.


New Country + ALL Your Familiar Favorites

I love listening to The Wolf because they don't play the same 25 songs over and over!

Springfield, TN

I don't mind the New Stuff as long as I can still hear some Hank, Jr.,  Kenny Chesney and Alabama.   The Wolf is the only station that plays that kind of variety!

Paris, Tennessee

It's all we listen to in the office!

Charlotte, TN