Submit Music

At Grace FM 98.3 we operate and program both Christian/Faith Based Radio Stations and Secular Radio Stations.

We maintain a very high standard of excellence with our Playlists and they are curated personally to ensure a World Class Listening Experience for our Listeners in the Scioto Valley and Tri-State Region.

We presently work with and have relationships with Daywind,  Crossroads,  Stowtown Records,  United Independent Artists,  Family Music Group and a host of Independent Promoters.

Each song we play is carefully and methodically chosen and no additional weight to adding it to our playlist is given because of major label representation.  We encourage you to submit your material for airplay consideration.

Most songs receive no more than 30 seconds of audition time so it is vitally important that your presentation is on point.

Songs are chosen for airplay by the following criteria:

Spiritual Relevance and Content

a. Does the Message fit our demographic of Listeners?

b. Is the delivery convincing?

c. Does it sound like the artist knows and believes the message they are singing about?

Production Quality

a.  Is the project or single professionally produced?   If the answer is no,  the answer is a hard "no".

b. Could the song or project be played on a commercial secular station and fit in with the production qualities exhibited on a Mainstream Country Station?

c. Does the Production Value have relevance to the message of the song?


a.  Are Digital Files properly names with Artist Info,  Song Title Info,  Album Info, etc?

b.  Is the file being submitted in .wav format?  A professional recording should be submitted in .wav format.


This includes appearance,  packaging and presentation.

a. Does the artist have a professional logo?

b. Does the attire,  presentation, etc look relevant to a Southern Gospel Artist?

Accessibility of Artist

Being accessible to the Radio Station is vital in our consideration of airplay.

We look to interview our artists so that they can connect better with our listeners.

We expect and anticipate professionally recorded audio liners from all of our artists promoting their music on our station.

We work to keep a high profile in the Community with appearances and are always looking for opportunities to partner with our artists in the Scioto Valley and Tri-State Region.

Artists who are not willing to communicate and work with us to enhance the listening experience for our Listeners which in turn helps to ensure the artists success in our Market should not expect to be added to our playlists.

Looking to Submit Music for Consideration?

Please email your song or project in .wav format to Bryan Fowler.

For Complete Projects,  please email Bryan a large file transfer invitation or you will be invited to submit the project through Dropbox.

Thank you for your interest in Grace FM 98.3

God Bless You!