Shawn Mendes teases music video for “When You’re Gone”Shawn Mendes teases music video for “When You’re Gone”

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Shawn Mendes teased his upcoming single, “When You’re Gone,” as well as its music video on Wednesday.

The Grammy winner shared a snippet with Good Morning America, giving fans a taste of what’s to come.  The clip contained the lyrics, “Hold on/ I don’t wanna know what it’s like when you’re gone/ I don’t wanna move on/ I don’t wanna know what it’s like when you’re gone for good/ You’re slipping through my finger tips/ A little bit/ By a little bit/ I didn’t know that loving you was the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Shawn also shared a brief teaser of the music video, which shows him performing the song before a screaming crowd of fans.

“When You’re Gone” drops Thursday at midnight. It’ll be his followup to his other breakup anthem, “It’ll Be Okay.”

Shawn’s next music era appears to explore his breakup with girlfriend Camila Cabello, whom he dated for two years.

The “Stitches” singer isn’t the only one to use the breakup as a source of musical inspiration, as Camila previously admitted she will sing about her respective heartbreak in the upcoming album, Familia, due out April 8.

Fans believe the two are communicating with each other through their music, with Shawn seemingly insisting he didn’t want things to end while Camila appearing to hint their separation was for the best.

The “Havana” singer teased a new song clip on TikTok, where she asks, “Did you get the space you needed?/ Did you realize you don’t need me?”  She shared another song teaser on Monday that hints Shawn may have forced a wedge between the two by not opening up to her emotionally.

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