Requirements and Guidelines

We are excited about our Partnership with your Ministry and want to ensure that we do our part to foster the best facilitation and execution for your Church or Ministry Broadcast.

For quality assurance purposes, we have developed the following guidelines and requirements for Sunday Morning Broadcasts.
Technical Guidelines and Delivery to WLFN-FM
  • All Broadcasts must be delivered to WLFN-FM digitally through an invitation to collaborate with us on our Corporate DropBox. In the event this method is not functional or down for maintenance,  alternative delivery routes such as WeTransfer,  HighTail, etc will be explored.    Unfortunately,  we no longer accept programs on CD,  Flash Drive or USB Sticks.
  • For a Sunday Broadcast,  WLFN-FM must be in receipt of your content no later than 12pm Noon CST on the preceding Thursday.  If you are unable to meet this time requirement,  please let us know immediately by emailing Bryan Fowler ( or John Bastin ( or by calling 931-645-6414.
  • If you do not submit new content or miss the weekly submission deadline,  WLFN-FM will select at their discretion a previously aired release of your program.   Your Ministry or Church will not be credited for not sending new content.    Thank you for understanding.
  • All digital files must transferred as a .WAV audio file normalized to -3db.
  • 30 Minutes Programs net 28:30 (Twenty Eight Minutes and Thirty Seconds to the Church or Ministry) including any Opening or Closing.
  • Station will air a small closing announcement at the end of your Program citing the financial responsible party of the program as required by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, DC.
Requirements for Your Broadcast
105.1FM The Wolf is proud to continue the legacy of our Station by making Sunday Morning Ministry Slots available to the Communities we serve.  We are able to continue this legacy because of the spirit and understanding of our Ministry Clients and Listeners.
We trust our Ministries to exercise caution and class in what is said on the air and to remember that while our Station is proud to accept Ministries from different Belief Systems,  not every listener or Ministry will be in agreement with your Doctrine,  Delivery or Theology.
It is also important to understand that times have changed and for security reasons,  we do not recommend publishing the home addresses of shut-ins, etc.
Top 10 Best Practices
  1. Do not attack another Church or Ministry
  2. Do not give out home addresses of shut-ins, etc. on the air.
  3. Do not mention the name of another Radio Station or Personality of another Radio Station.
  4. Only make appeals for money when a concise need or goal has been presented to the listeners.
  5. Less is more.   Always highlight and spotlight the best of what your Church or Ministry has to offer.
  6. Your Program also acts as a "Billboard" to what the Public will experience if they were to visit your Church.   Be relevant.
  7. Have written goals of what you hope to accomplish in having this Radio Program and remind yourself of these reasons annually.
  8. You will not bring in enough money from listeners donations to pay for your broadcast.   Do not assume so or accept financial responsibility if you do not have other means of paying for the Broadcast.
  9. Get other people involved in your Broadcast from Your Church,   Other Churches or Friends in the Ministry,  Your Association or Conference.
  10. Pay your airtime invoices promptly.
Our Station has decades of experience in developing strong Radio Ministries.   Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions and lean on our experience to help you achieve the most out of your Radio Broadcast.
Are you ready to take the next step forward?