Report: Taylor Swift to perform at the Super Bowl halftime showReport: Taylor Swift to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Swifties are sensing a disturbance in the world of sports and believe Taylor Swift will be the next Super Bowl halftime performer.

Variety reports the rumors went into overdrive when Apple Music replaced Pepsi as the NFL’s new halftime sponsor. Why? That announcement was made at midnight, which fans believe aligns a little too perfectly with the title of Taylor’s forthcoming album.

Midnights comes out October 21 and Taylor has been casually revealing the track list via her TikTok segment “Midnights Mayhem With Me,” where she reveals one song title every night at midnight. So far, we know the names of the eighth and 13th tracks, “Vigilante S***” and “Mastermind.”

Variety notes that most artists who grace the halftime stage soon announce an upcoming tour, which is also perfectly timed with Taylor’s new album. Her Lover Fest, which she had planned to promote her seventh studio album, was canceled because of the pandemic — so fans believe she is long overdue for one.

It should also be noted that with Pepsi vacating the halftime stage, the Coca-Cola-sponsored Taylor can shake up the NFL without conflict.

Taylor has also repped for Apple Music, most iconically in a 2016 commercial where she fell off a treadmill while jamming to Drake.

Last but not least, the outlet claims it is very likely Taylor headlines the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show: “Three sources close to the situation tell Variety that it’s happening.”

Neither Taylor nor the NFL have reacted to Variety‘s report.


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