PSY and BTS’ Suga release “That That” and its hilarious music videoPSY and BTS’ Suga release “That That” and its hilarious music video

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PSY‘s officially entered his comeback era and released his new song, “That That,” which features BTS‘ Suga.

The “Gangnam Style” rapper even addressed his extended absence from Western radio, with him saying both in English and Korean during the song’s opening, “2022!  PSY coming back/ Long time no see, huh?/ It’s been a minute, huh?/ We’re back to laughing, crying, living, loving/ Let’s get loco!”

As we’ve come to expect from PSY, the music video for “That That” is over-the-top both in theme and in choreography.  The rapper is transported to the Wild West and dances in cowboy attire around the town until Suga sidles up.  The two combine forces and take over the small town, but not without pulling some additional shenanigans.

One particular scene sees PSY throwing it back to his “Gangnam Style” days by dressing in the same outfit and busting a few moves.  That character is eventually beaten up by Suga, and the past PSY seemingly passes out in the BTS singer’s arms.

The catchy song, paired with its energetic music video, is a hit on YouTube, with the clip amassing over seven million views six hours after it was released.

Suga previously revealed he was originally approached to produce PSY’s music, not to feature on it. But things turned into a full-blown collaboration and Suga remarked, “I seriously didn’t expect to be dancing with PSY… I thought I was only writing the song!”

The two now describe themselves as “besties,” and their friendship is made apparent in the hilarious stunts seen in the music video.

“That That” is the second track off PSY’s new album, PSY 9th, which is out now. 

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