PETA urges Jack Harlow to donate profits from “Churchill Downs” to racehorsesPETA urges Jack Harlow to donate profits from “Churchill Downs” to racehorses

Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images

Jack Harlow just released the music video for “Churchill Downs,” which was filmed where the iconic Kentucky Derby takes place, and PETA wasn’t a fan.

The animal rights activist group is calling on the rapper to donate all profits made off the clip to the racehorses. “PETA is calling on Harlow to donate the song’s proceeds toward caring for Thoroughbreds discarded by the industry,” they said in a statement. 

PETA cited the abuse racehorses endure and remarked, “Three horses die on U.S. racetracks every day.”

“Profiting from the abuse of others is never acceptable, and PETA is calling on Jack Harlow to pony up and pay for the care of American Thoroughbreds,” said PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo.

Neither Harlow nor his collaborator on the track, Drake, have responded to PETA’s request.

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