Meghan Trainor says she’s fulfilled the 10-year goal she set back in 2014Meghan Trainor says she’s fulfilled the 10-year goal she set back in 2014

ABC/John Fleenor

Meghan Trainor looked back at her start in the music industry — when her single “All About That Bass” took off in 2014 — and said she fulfilled the 10-year goal she set for herself back then.

“I remember they would interview me back then and be like, ‘Where do you see yourself in 10 years?’ And I [would respond], ‘With a husband and a baby.’ And I did it. That’s my dream,” she told People. Meghan added, “But I lived all my dreams, and I’m very happy.”

Because she’s hit the goals she set eight years ago, Meghan knows exactly what she would say to her 20-year-old self if she had the chance. “I’d say, ‘Don’t worry, baby. All your dreams are going to come true.'”

Meghan also evaluated how her music has changed since she burst into the scene eight years ago. “It’s almost been 10 years since my first album … So I just feel like my music is elevated, and my music videos are also elevated.”

She credits her “elevated” style to two things: “I’m a mom now, and I’ve been through some more stuff.”

Because of this, she is super excited for fans to listen to her new album. She said, “Everything’s just gotten better.”

Takin’ It Back arrives next Friday, October 21.

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