Marshmello teams with Coca-Cola for new flavor…and no, it’s not marshmallowMarshmello teams with Coca-Cola for new flavor…and no, it’s not marshmallow

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Marshmello is the first artist ever to team up with Coca-Cola for his own signature flavor, but shockingly, it’s not marshmallow.

Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola combines strawberry and watermelon flavors with Coke. It’ll be available starting July 11, along with a zero-sugar version. Speaking to Billboard, Marshmello says he didn’t want to do a marshmallow flavor specifically because that’s what everyone would expect.

“I had a different flavor in mind originally and then we started messing around with other crazy flavors…We had a million flavors in front of us,” he explains. “We homed in on [strawberry and watermelon] and that was that.”

Each slim format can features a graphic of Marshmello’s iconic helmet. Speaking of that, when the artist visited Coca-Cola headquarters to help create the flavor, he tasted the options through a custom-made straw designed to fit through his helmet, so he wouldn’t have to remove it.

The launch will be celebrated with a July 9 Twitch takeover that will allow fans to control Marshmello in a livestream gaming adventure and access exclusive “metamerch.” Starting July 29, fans can scan a QR code on the cans to gain access to the Coca-Cola Creations hub, where they can hear Mello’s new track “Numb” while creating digital art.

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