Lizzo reveals she couldn’t stay positive when she was living in her car: “I felt broken”Lizzo reveals she couldn’t stay positive when she was living in her car: “I felt broken”

Chris Haston/NBC via Getty Images

Before Lizzo hit it big, she struggled with being homeless and lived in her car. In a new question and answer session with fans on TikTok, one asked how she stayed positive during that difficult time.

“I didn’t stay positive. It was really hard,” the Grammy winner emotionally admitted. “There were times when I was in that position when it was like, there was really no way out.”

“I didn’t know what my life was going to be [and] what it was going to amount to. More than scared, I was just — I felt broken,” Lizzo confessed.

The Emmy winner noted that she didn’t want to end the video on a serious or sad note, so she revealed what “got me out” of that mental spiral. “It was the idea that this was just a part of my story,” said Lizzo. “When I look back at my life, I’m in a better place. I could look back and say, ‘Wow, I survived.'”

She then spoke directly to the fan who asked the personal question, as they said they needed “hope.”

“You’ll get through this,” Lizzo wrote in the caption that was filled with red heart emojis. “This is only part of your journey. You are loved and protected.  If this is your lows then imagine the highs.”

She closed by telling the fan, “I believe in you.” 

Speaking of Lizzo’s “highs” — she discussed what it’s like to have a Grammy win in a separate video. “It feels the same,” she expressed. “The drive and ambition and belief in myself that I had to have to get to the point – to win an award… I just keep going.”

As for the physical award, she joked, “I do pass it out at parties and make my friends do speeches.”

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