Lizzo loves being “outrageous” on TikTok: “I’m a walking birthday cake!”Lizzo loves being “outrageous” on TikTok: “I’m a walking birthday cake!”

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Lizzo enjoys that she is not only able to connect with people through her music — but also through the power of TikTok.  The “Truth Hurts” singer spoke with Billboard about why she is fascinated by the social media site.

“I see social media like I see my music, because it still is an avenue in which I’m connecting with my fans. I can connect with my fans over a TikTok just as much as I can connect with them over a song,” the Grammy winner said. “This has never happened before, and we are truly in the beginning of the thick of it. It’s exciting.”

“I love TikTok, and I love being as outrageous as I could be,” she added. “From food videos to the silly s*** I post online, I love connecting through video format. I used to love pictures and all that, but now I really get a chance to talk to people.”

Lizzo speaks about that in Logitech’s new Defy Logic brand campaign, which features her all-new song “Special” in its advertisement.  The song promotes self-love and confidence in spite of other people’s negative opinions.

She says about the song’s theme, “I’m all about celebrating myself. I’m a walking birthday cake!”

“Famously, I use songs and music to express all of my feelings, especially my heartbreak or sadness or getting over something or empowering myself for the good days and the days I wish could be good days,” she added.

And now she is expressing herself on TikTok — most recently by trying that viral food hack that has people squirting mustard on Oreos.  When asked if it’s any good, she replied, “Oh yeah, baby!”

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