Kelly Clarkson admits being drunk while singing on pal’s new song “You’re Drunk, Go Home”Kelly Clarkson admits being drunk while singing on pal’s new song “You’re Drunk, Go Home”

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Kelly Clarkson can be heard singing with her friend Kelsea Ballerini on Kelsea’s new album, Subject to Change — and as Kelly revealed on her talk show, the title of that song was extremely apt, considering her condition at the time.

The song is called “You’re Drunk, Go Home,” and Kelly explained that the day Kelsea texted and asked her to jump on the song was her final day of work before an extended vacation. Kelly says when she got the text, she’d “already been celebrating.”

As soon as she heard the song, though, she knew she had to be on it, despite being half in the bag. “So I had to sing a song called ‘You’re Drunk, Go Home,’ inebriated,” Kelly laughed. “Trying to [reach] for soprano parts like I’m fine.”

“There is a full [recording] that we have to send to you of me just crying and laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants,” Kelly told Kelsea. “I almost peed my pants. This has never happened to me in 20 years. I’ve never, ever been inebriated while singing something.”

The song, which also features country star Carly Pearce, is a kiss off to that drunk guy that comes on to you in a bar and won’t take a hint to go away. If you scroll to 2:11 into the song, you’ll hear something Kelly sang as a joke that Kelsea made sure to include.

“There’s one part of the song that’s like an ad-lib, and now you’re gonna hear it, and now you’re gonna know,” Kelsea told the audience. “You just hear Kelly go ‘MMM-byeeee!’ And it’s in there, and it’s cranked. So thank you for that.”

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