Katy Perry is thinking about making new music, but doesn’t know what it’ll sound like yetKaty Perry is thinking about making new music, but doesn’t know what it’ll sound like yet

ABC/Eric McCandless

Katy Perry is thinking about her next music era, but admits nothing is set in stone — especially when it comes to what it’ll sound like.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the hitmaker opened up about her inevitable follow-up to 2020’s Smile and what she’s been focusing on since releasing her sixth studio album.

“I put out Smile during the pandemic a couple of years ago, and I’ve done a couple of other things. I really enjoyed putting out ‘When I’m Gone’ with Alesso. But I was putting all of my energy into Vegas,” she explained. The singer added, “I miss my fans around the world, and I really want to go to them and see them and just travel the world again. Some of them can’t come and see me in Vegas, so I’m going to head out and see them.”

“I’m just excited for the future because there’s so much more to come,” she teased, adding that she plans to offer up new music when she launches her next world tour.

Elsewhere in the interview, Katy gave herself a pat on the back for vouching for Dua Lipa when she first tried breaking into the industry.

“I remember even championing Dua because I was like, ‘Oh, this girl is going to be the next big girl pop star. She’s the it girl, and she’s coming,'” she recalled, adding how she watched Dua take over the Hollywood Palladium before hitting it big.

Katy recalled she “left work early” while filming American Idol and told fellow judge Luke Bryan who she was seeing. When Bryan wanted to know who Dua was, Katy remembers replying, “Don’t worry, you’ll know her name.”

As for the new it girl, Katy says it’s the artist Cyn.

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