Joe Jonas and Finneas reflect on ‘Turning Red’, boy band music from the early 2000sJoe Jonas and Finneas reflect on ‘Turning Red’, boy band music from the early 2000s

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Finneas and his sister, Billie Eilish, penned the tracks for the fictional boy band 4*TOWN for Pixar’s animated movie Turning Red, which takes place in 2002. Finneas revealed recreating music from that time wasn’t as difficult as he thought.

“It’s funny to me, as somebody who lived through [that time], that making something in the early 2000s is now a period piece. It’s long enough ago that it’s a time period with recognizable, tangible tropes,” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter Songwriter Roundtable. “It was much easier to write songs that took place in 2001 than it would be if we were tasked with writing songs by a boy band in 2023.”

Joe Jonas was part of the roundtable and referenced how his band the Jonas Brothers was active during the boy band craze. With his expertise in Y2K-era music, he gave his stamp of approval on the songs Billie and Finneas wrote because they captured the vibe perfectly. “The soundtrack is great. And yeah, it definitely brought me back,” he commended.

Finneas revealed Joe’s movie Camp Rock inspired him to learn guitar, to which the Jonas Brother quipped in return, “It made me want to learn how to play guitar, too, and I still am trying.”

On the topic of Y2K music, Finneas was asked to choose between the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. He went for the secret third option, saying he’s a fan of the Spice Girls.

Joe was also asked if he was able to get his hands on any Taylor Swift tickets, to which he confessed, “Unfortunately, no. But I think my wife’s [Sophie Turner] got her number, so she’s trying to get her on the phone. We’ll see. Get in those lines now.”

Turning Red can be streamed on Disney+. 

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