Halsey updates fans on current health struggles: “My body is rebelling against me a little bit”Halsey updates fans on current health struggles: “My body is rebelling against me a little bit”

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Halsey revealed to fans Monday that they’re now allergic to coffee, milk, soy, garlic, blueberries and many other staples. In a series of Instagram stories,which show the “Closer” singer wearing a heart monitor, they explained what is going on with their health.

“Some of you saw a TikTok I posted yesterday basically confirming I’m allergic to pretty much everything,” Halsey began. “Obviously, my health’s changed a lot since I got pregnant and gave birth and I started getting really, really sick.”

The singer revealed they were “hospitalized for anaphylaxis a few times” and have sought the opinion of “basically 100,000 doctors” to find out what’s wrong. They have since been diagnosed with several illnesses.

Halsey says they have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which Mayo Clinic describes as a disorder that affects one’s connective tissue, and Mast Cell Activation syndrome, which Mayo Clinic defines as a buildup of too many mast cells — a type of white blood cell — that can cause allergic reactions and inflammation and several other disorders.

They also explained their ongoing battle with endometriosis has “been exacerbated” by these new health issues, which they say occurred after giving birth to their son, Ender. “My body is rebelling against me a little bit,” Halsey said.

“I’m still looking for answers into the root cause of some of these things,” Halsey added, and noted they’re “on a treatment plan” to get back on track and are “confident” these issues won’t get in the way of their upcoming tour, which kicks off on May 17.

Halsey noted the tour will be “cathartic” for them because it’ll allow them to vent their “confusion” and anger over their unexplained health issues.

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