Gwen Stefani reveals she “never worked with a makeup artist my entire career”Gwen Stefani reveals she “never worked with a makeup artist my entire career”

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Gwen Stefani is not only known for her music and ageless look, she is also known for her flawless makeup skills. The singer revealed in a new interview that she has almost always applied her makeup by herself.

Gwen revealed she even did her own makeup at this year’s Met Gala.

Speaking to Glamour, Gwen said, “I could do a perfect red lip in less than a minute. In fact, I never worked with a makeup artist my entire career, really, other than one here or one there.”

Gwen revealed she vowed to do her own makeup after she had “a bad experience” when working on No Doubt‘s eponymous debut album. 

“This guy came and did my makeup for the artwork and I remember thinking I looked ugly. I was like, ‘I look prettier when I do my makeup,’ but I was too scared to say something,” the Grammy winner confessed. “I still look at those pictures and I’m like, ‘Ugh.’ After that I took it into my own control.”

Gwen said that experience caused her to be “very controlling about” how others would do her makeup for a very long time, but has since allowed a few “unbelievably gifted” makeup artists into her inner circle.  

When talking about her flawless appearance, Gwen laughed, “The magic’s in the makeup! Look at me. I completely broke out all over my chin this morning. Everybody deals with it. We all deal with it.”  

The “Sweet Escape” singer has since come out with her own beauty line, GXVE, which she said she was “warned” against doing.

“I didn’t care,” she said of the warnings and plowed ahead with her new line, which debuted in March. “I feel like I’m definitely doing what I was meant to do.”

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