GAYLE makes fun of her generation with new video for “e-z”GAYLE makes fun of her generation with new video for “e-z”

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GAYLE‘s debut EP is called a study of the human experience volume one, and one of the tracks in particular is a study of one specific group of humans: Gen Z.

She’s just released the video for that song, “e-z,” which features contributions from UPSAHL and Blu DeTiger. The three women sing, “We don’t wanna work on it/ We’d rather sit and glorify our problems/ But we never solve ’em/ We’re too busy acting like we know too much…We don’t feel connected/ We’re too busy talkin’ s**t and losin’ sleep/ We make it look easy.”

“‘e-z’ is my way of making fun of the way that people make fun of my generation,” GAYLE says of the track, adding, “I’ve been obsessed with UPSAHL and Blu DeTiger for years and I’m so excited that we got to collaborate on this together.” 

UPSAHL adds, “I felt the lyrics of the song so hard,” while Blu says, “It was so fun to come together for this!”

GAYLE is currently on tour in support of the EP, which also includes her breakthrough single “abcdefu” and its follow-up, “ur just horny.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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