Em Beihold teases EP drop this summerEm Beihold teases EP drop this summer


Em Beihold is riding the wave of her viral hit “Numb Little Bug,” and she’s already planning her next move.

The TikTok sensation recently released her follow-up song, “Too Precious,” and told Billboard a new EP may be on the way. Em hopes to put it out this year and that it propels her musical career to the next level.

And while she hopes the new EP will establish her as more than a onetime viral hit, Em says she refuses to stray from her original messaging that attracted fans in the first place. “I always try to remind my fans that it’s OK to not be OK … And that often, in moments in our lives when we’re feeling down, they’re temporary, they’re not permanent,” she said. 

“You can always get out of a situation,” she added.

Em also revealed the amount of thought she puts into her songs by explaining how much time she spent perfecting her debut song. “We ended up going through around 14 versions to get it right,” she said of “Numb Little Bug,” adding that she tried pop and acoustic versions of the hit, but “they didn’t feel like my sound.”

Em didn’t reveal when her EP will arrive, but hinted that it could drop by this summer.

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