Ellie Goulding says it “feels good” when “people forget that I write my own music”Ellie Goulding says it “feels good” when “people forget that I write my own music”

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images for BMI London Awards

Ellie Goulding says she isn’t offended when people forget she’s a songwriter.

The British pop star spoke with BBC about winning the President’s Award at this week’s BMI Awards, which goes to songwriters, music publishers and composers. “I think people forget that I write my own music, and it just feels good,” she expressed, adding this is the first time she’s been recognized as a songwriter.

“When you’re writing songs close to your heart and you’re putting them out there, that’s all you can really do, and then everything else is a bonus,” Ellie said, adding, “It’s hard work writing songs – especially pop songs, that takes a different kind of dedication.”

Ellie, who’s been writing songs since she was a teenager, explained there are certain “formulas” to follow when writing pop. “There’s things not to say, there’s things to say. And so it’s a real art form,” she said.

“I’m so lucky that I get to do it as my as my job because I love it so much,” she continued. “I’ve been writing pop songs since I was a teenager. And so to be recognised by songwriting for the first time, it’s very cool.”

Ellie’s life has changed dramatically since she burst into the U.K. music scene back in 2009 with her debut single “Under the Sheets.” She saw international success two years later with “Lights.”

Ellie says the “whole climate of music” has changed since she first stepped into the limelight and credits social media for moving the needle.

“I quite enjoy the challenges, what you have to do as an artist now isn’t easy — it’s something you have to work at,” she explained. The hitmaker added, “I’m on TikTok, I’m on socials, I put myself out there and I actually enjoy it. I don’t mind having fun.”

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