Dove Cameron explains why her pre-“Boyfriend” songs aren’t online anymoreDove Cameron explains why her pre-“Boyfriend” songs aren’t online anymore

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AFI

Dove Cameron‘s single, “Boyfriend,” is a huge smash and it’s getting bigger by the day. But if you went on to your favorite streaming service to check out her other work, you’re out of luck: All her previous music’s been taken down.

Speaking to the U.K.’s Official Charts Company, Dove says, “I know it’s a touchy subject. A lot of that music was me trying to find my sound….We have so much more music to come that’s not been made available yet that is very much more representative of me, rather than who people wanted to me to be, or who I thought I had to be.” 

She adds, “I apologize deeply to the fans who fell in love with those songs…But I will say [the fans] will be very, very happy with what’s coming. I think it’s going to be great for us, now that I get to create from scratch the artist and person I’ve always known myself to be.”

As for “Boyfriend,” Dove still can’t believe how the song — which finds Dove telling a crush that she could be a better boyfriend than the girl’s actual boyfriend —  has blown up since she released a snippet on TikTok.

“I keep surprising myself with how emotional I’m getting [over it],” she explains. “Growing up as a queer kid who never really had representation on the radio or no direct role models to look to, I mean there were some but they weren’t as visible as [queer artists can be now]. I’m just sitting her realizing how this song that is going to alter my music career is…so gay!”

Dove adds, “It’s so great to have a big pop banger with a sexual, queer content and people aren’t up in arms about it.”

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