Answering the call


If so,  You’ll be in GREAT Company on 105.1 The Wolf!   We feature and partner with some of the Nations Top Leading Teaching Ministries and the most prolific Teachers and Speakers in our Local Markets.

Today, we are presented with new ministry opportunities through the combination of the Internet with high tech streaming. Thus we now have new concepts to share with you as we partner with you in reaching those in need.

If we could take the passion of your heart and touch the lives of hurting, lost people beyond the four walls of your church, would that be of interest to you? Just think of the opportunity to minister one on one through the privacy of Christian radio and the Internet. Wouldn’t it be a blessing if a listener said you were a blessing to them through Christian radio, and that the Gospel message of hope that you shared changed their life? It would be all right with you if perhaps someone, or a family, were to become a member of your church because you touched their heart for Christ through Christian radio, wouldn’t it?

Charles Stanley, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Atlanta, often states at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention that without those of us making the airwaves available, his ministry would be confined to the four walls of his church. However, because of mass communications, his ministry is worldwide. Consider expanding the ministry and outreach of your church through The Walk!

Let us ask you: will you be a part in reaching our audiences for Christ?  Please realize that you can reach people who need the Lord when they are alone in their homes, in their cars, in their lives, where no one else can reach them. Let the Lord use you to proclaim the Good News that Jesus Christ saves and transforms lives, making them worth living. We invite you to reach out and touch the lives of those who need to hear the message of the Gospel that only you can bring to them.

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