Backstage Country

Backstage Country on 105.1FM The Wolf
Backstage Country on 105.1FM The Wolf

Backstage Country | Weeknights 7pm-Midnite

Country music has always had a unique connection between the artists and the fans, and there is no more significant influencer of that connection than RADIO. We have taken that relationship to the next level giving your listeners direct access to country music's biggest stars EVERY DAY on your radio station AS THE HOSTS of Backstage Country.

Each week a star of Country Music sits in for a 5-hour weekday airshift on your station! Bring your listeners even closer to their favorite artists as Backstage Country delivers an unprecedented connection to the top names in the biz. Nowhere else can you get this type of extended access to the stars of Country Music as they share their personal stories, triumphs and obstacles in their career, and, of course, play and talk about the music. Each night, you get two distinct benchmarks that your listener will set an appointment to hear:

  • First Timers- Our guest host tells a story about one of their "first times"... the first time they heard their music on the radio, the first time they played a huge venue, the first time they met one of their idols or even a first time from their personal life.  Great stories every time and lots of fun for our star deejays.
  • Backstage Moments- Inside tales from inside the world of the artists who host.  All of our guest stars have great stories from the road, from the studio, from festivals and from Nashville, and they share their favorite moments in this feature segment.