Avril Lavigne’s “so stoked” about the success of ‘Love Sux,’ says Taylor Swift’s praise of it “meant so much to me”Avril Lavigne’s “so stoked” about the success of ‘Love Sux,’ says Taylor Swift’s praise of it “meant so much to me”

ABC/Randy Holmes

Love Sux is Avril Lavigne‘s first top-10 album since 2013, and she says she’s “so stoked” that the new project which she’s described as the album she’s wanted to make her entire career — is a success.

“Oh my God, we’re so thrilled! To be 20 years in [and] still be rockin’? I’m so stoked and having so much fun,” Avril tells ABC Audio. “[And even] like, doing all the work, all the TV shows, everything’s just been a blast…and…been received so well. So I’m really happy!”

Avril made Love Sux with Machine Gun Kelly, Blink-182‘s Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus, blackbear, her boyfriend Mod Sun, and producer John Feldmann. And Avril tells ABC Audio that she knew immediately it would work artistically.

“The first song we recorded, I looked over at John Feldmann and I was like, ‘Where the f*** have you been my whole life?'” she laughs. “And I was like, ‘This is awesome. Let’s keep going.'”

Avril says the album was written in two weeks, adding, “and then I was like, ‘Can we just keep doing this because this is way too much fun?’ And then we just kept working, and I never want to stop. I always want to write songs with that group of people.”

One person who really loves Love Sux is Taylor Swift, who sent Avril flowers and a note praising the “fabulous new album.”  Avril says Taylor’s gesture didn’t surprise her, though.

“She’s so classy like that! She’s sent me gifts before and thank-you letters…She’s just a really sweet, genuine, classy girl,” Avril notes. “It meant so much to me to have another woman in music’s support.”

She adds, “It was super-sweet that she told me she loves the record…that made me feel really good!”

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