Avril Lavigne reveals “Breakaway” was given to Kelly Clarkson because it was an “outtake”Avril Lavigne reveals “Breakaway” was given to Kelly Clarkson because it was an “outtake”

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Avril Lavigne reflected on the single that helped cement Kelly Clarkson‘s place in the pop music world — “Breakaway.”

In a behind-the-scenes video about the single, which Avril wrote while creating her debut studio album Let Go, the Canadian singer explained how it wound up in Kelly’s possession.

“So I wrote this song and it didn’t end up on the album. It was an outtake,” Avril revealed. “It took on a life of its own when it went to Kelly and Kelly Clarkson’s had this huge career… It was one of her earlier singles.”

Kelly released “Breakaway” in 2004 when it was first included on The Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack. The song became such a hit, the American Idowinner reissued it as a single and renamed her sophomore album after it.

Looking back at the twists and turns life has taken the both of them in the years since, Avril remarked, “Time has flown by. It feels like a lifetime.”

The singer added it “felt fitting” to “do my own version” of the song to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Let Go.  Avril said it “brought back the memories of what the song was written about, which was taking a leap of faith.  Leaving a small town, going to the big city and following my dreams.”

The “Love It When You Hate Me” singer has since re-released Let Go as an anniversary edition complete with six bonus tracks — including “Breakaway.”  

In addition, Avril has teamed with Instagram for an augmented reality game lens based off her 2002 hits “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated,” which fans can check out now on the app.

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