Artist Integrity

At Grace FM 98.3 we believe our calling is to acquire the best Southern Gospel Music that exists and to facilitate a World Class Listening Experience for our Listeners in the Scioto Valley and Tri-State Region.

As with any Christian or Faith Based Organization,  the question of moral character,  qualification of Ministry and the  personal lives of Southern Gospel Artists does arise from time to time.

While we try our best to maintain Artist Integrity with the artists we play,  we do not feel our Organization is qualified to rate the moral character of these artists and we maintain a strong policy that will not engage in this practice since we are not qualified to do so.

As we look at the history of our great genre,  Southern Gospel,  we cannot help but notice the rich heritage of our music-many songs that were written,  recorded or performed by artists who have fallen in their Faith.   We are reminded that in many cases God used these life experiences to catapult some artists and songwriters to the next level and these experiences have given Radio,  Concerts and in some cases Church Worship Services, longstanding and legendary prolific songs that continue to Minister.

We play high quality songs that have relevant words, meaning and messages that we feel best emulate the Calling God has placed on our Station and the music that best fits this Message.

It is our goal to never bring reproach on God,  His Word or this wonderful genre of music while keeping his scripture of Romans 3:23 in mind.  For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.

With this in mind,  we ask you to join Grace FM 98.3 in Prayer for our Artists.

Father,  Bless these Artists that work so hard to keep the Message of Southern Gospel Music alive across our Country.  Be with them and keep them safe on the roads,  provide for them financially and may you always keep them focused on you.   Amen.